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Salem Wine Imports

Salem Wine Imports, located in historic, downtown Salem, Massachusetts. Our simple philosophy is that wine is a common treasure available to all and that the discovery and enjoyment of wine is a life enhancing pleasure, almost, without peer. Unique, singular, natural and rewarding, every glass can be thought-provoking and contemplative, or unassuming and unobtrusive, as the mood may be.

At Salem Wine Imports, we have carefully selected wines that come from small producers, who grow their own grapes and have been making wine for generations. We taste all wines before we purchase and refuse many. You will find few commercial brands here, instead, we stock wines that have a sense of place, along with tastes of the soil and region, of its birth. We focus on small production artisan wines, where sometimes "faults” (as in deviating from the norm), are actually attributes, making the wine unique and more enjoyable.

Dedicated to the discovery and enjoyment of unique wines!

Our Story

Beautiful family run wine store in the heart of Salem, MA. We specialize in wines from smaller vineyards, may of which have been producing wine for generations. You’ll find our wines to be unique and flavorful. The belief once was that with great wine, comes a great price tag. While we carry high-end wines you’ll find many of our wines are aggressively priced. You can always find a wonderful selection, in every price range that is anything but ordinary. We only look expensive!

What sets us a apart?

Quality Predictably delicious wines

Price Great Value

Knowledge We love to educate

Services Highly trained staff

What we do

fine wine

worldwide $8 to $800

very local craft beer

Notch, Bentwater, Ipswich Ale

cider, mead and more

Far from the Tree, 1634


decanters, stoppers etc.